West of East, Incorporated

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identityWelcome to the NEW West of East, Incorporated website!

Well, months of planning, nervous nights and a dozen Google searches, we are finally here at our new host, HostGator.com.  We're now registered as an authorzied reseller and have added web hosting to our list of services.  Of course, after doing Joomla websites for so many clients, we just had to hove one of our own.  Some people in the industry refer to this as "Eating your own dog food", but a friend in the sales management game points out, "But who wants to eat dog food?"

Rightly so; and we think the Joomla Content Management System is more like Filet Mignon, anyway!   So in an upcmoing article we'll talk about "cooking our own steak", making the transition from an old style HTML site to a CMS.

More about that once some of the dust has settled - so pardon our appearance while do a bit more behind the scenes work, and start a new project for some exciting new clients!

- Robert Anthony Pitera, President/CEO 

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