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corporate philosophy


Our business philosophy is fairly simple and lies somewhere between W. Edwards Deming's "14 principles of Total Quality Management" and Robert Fulghum's "All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten."   In short, we always attempt do the absolute best for our clients and treat each business with the same care and consideration we treat our own company.

An associate and mentor of ours had a consulting practice which used the slogan, "Computers and People together... the only true solution!" It is a maxim that we have taken with us in every project.  Computers, while capable of amazing things, are simply tools and - contrary to popular belief - no more so than a telephone or a photocopier. If the 'human factor' isn't fully taken into consideration when creating a solution, that solution is destined to failure. Any solution we create has to work within the framework of the clients staff and has to be acceptable from the top down to provide an effective change.

Furthermore, we believe that part of our job is to work ourselves out of a project; so that the client is not 'bound' to continue their association with us but that they choose to do so. That may sound a bit radical to someone who is used to consulting practices that keep what they do 'a big secret', but it has allowed us to generate 80% of our new business based on word of mouth referrals alone.

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