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Graphic Design Services


Good design... it can be a night and day difference!
Good design can communicate even abstract concepts or emotions with wordless efficiency. Poorly executed, it is an ineffective communications medium at best and at worst can confuse or even offend the intended audience. The difference between the two is...well... we think you get the picture! Good design can make or break a product, so why chance a first impression?

From the package your last purchase came in to the sign on the shop window, from business cards to billboard advertisements, design influences what we buy, what we do and even what we think to an extent. Because design plays such an important role in our everyday decision making, an ongoing graphic design program is an important part of any business strategy.

A plan which guides the appearance of everything from company stationery, logos and brochures, internet marketing communications, magazine layout, to print materials, signage, packaging, exhibits and presentation materials provides a clear, consistent image for your organization or product. It distinguishes you from your competition. It gives you the freedom to express your message in today's vernacular while maintaining visual continuity. It provides greater clarity and organization of information. And, over time, it provides greater impact regardless of whether you produce two pieces a year or two hundred.

Whether your company already has a well established graphic design program in place or simply needs to produce one or two small pieces, West of East design/studios can help. Trained in the use of color, type, illustration, photography, printing techniques and other elements of design and production, we have expertise in both the technical and aesthetic aspects of communications problem solving.

We can help with spec work, color theory choices and all aspects of identity design so that you can put the focus on your core business efforts, rather than trying to break into creative management. Our designs are in place in multiple mediums including print and electronic media and we the experience to execute any design project, large or small.

Our extensive experience in developing visual communications has made West of East a valued partner with organizations in a variety of markets and industries, from Fortune 500 companies to local small businesses and non-profit organizations. See the night and day difference good design can make; contact us today!


Visit our online portfolio for examples of our work!
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