West of East, Incorporated

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Web Design and Programming Services


Give your site a clearer vision!

Web design services we offer include:

  • Full site design
  • Redesigns and Makeovers
  • Perl and Java based open source programming
  • Collaborative and Community Solutions
  • Graphics and Photography
  • Interactivity
  • E-Commerce Sites
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Web Log Analysis
  • Webmaster Service Programs

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Let's face it, to stay competitive in an ever changing marketplace, business owners and non profit organizations need to exploit new mediums of communications. Your competitors know this, just look at their websites. And if your competition has a website, it's a strong indication that you should too.

A strong web presence provides unique advantages to your business or organization:

  • Interaction with your current client base and potential customers
  • Generating new business through search engines
  • Staying 'open' 24/7/365
  • Selling/promoting your products or services on-line to new customers
  • Opening your reach to a larger local or even global marketplace
  • Providing round the clock support or information to your clients
  • Surveying your marketplace and better understanding what customers want and need

But one of the most important reasons may be one of the most basic: your clients and potential customers expect it! To be without a web presence these days gives your organization an appearance of being 'outdated' or 'behind the times'. Finding no site drives your customers - and potential income - to your competitors that do have a web presence.

However, the indiscretion of a poorly designed or executed web site can be almost as damaging as no presence at all. An amateurish or garish design, links or information that is incorrect or doesn't work, disorganized or poorly written content can all serve to give a bad impression of a great organization. You wouldn't trust an 'amateur' to do your accounting or business planning, why would you trust your image to one? If you're interested purchasing your web services from a company that provides 'packaged deals' based on 'templates' then look elsewhere; every site we create is personalized and tailored to the client that contracts us. They are as unique as your business - as it should be.

Web designs that work start with a straightforward premise; listening to the client. While that may sound simple, not enough web design professionals work from that starting point. At West of East design/studios, we begin with a solid understanding of your business, the target audience, information architecture and technical requirements. Then we apply our considerable skills and experience by collaborating with our clients to create a truly unique and memorable website experience. Our purpose is to create an emotional connection with the user through the visual design and functionality of the website. We know how to make sites that work well - sites that are clean, usable with content that works overtime for your organization.

Whether your goals are to promote your business, provide information or enter into e-commerce, we have the tools and the experience to achieve the results you seek. Our designs are out there, working every day for our clients and garner comments from their customers on a regular basis. We can provide you with programming based on open source scripts, well documented so that your never forced to work with us - you can move your business at any time if you're not completely satisfied - and never lose your original functionality. But we're betting that - like hundreds of other satisfied clients - you'll stay with West of East design/studios because we provide a high level of professional service, quick response and customized care, resulting in a better user experience and increased recognition for your company.

Contact us to set up an initial consultation today and challenge us to back up these claims; we're sure you'll join our ranks!




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