West of East, Incorporated

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Services for K-12 and Higher Education


Services for K-12 and Higher Education

Our education offerings include:

  • Network design and implementation
  • Desktop service and maintenance
  • Microsoft and Novell network support
  • E-Mail Solutions
  • Open Source Alternatives
  • Group ware and collaborative solutions
  • Distance Learning
  • Remote Access
  • Mobile wireless lab solutions
  • Internet and Intranet Web design
  • Training, In Service Seminars
  • Student Information Systems
  • Pupil Management Services
  • Custom Database Solutions
  • SIF (Schools Interoperability Framework) integration and implementation
Once the domain of a few aging computers tucked away in a lab, technology has become ubiquitous in the classroom. Today's technology can empower learners, educators, alumni and administrators. Managed correctly, it can contain costs while creating and sustaining active participation in an organization's mission, and improve communications when face-to-face contacts are impractical. Ideally, these tools should take on the character of an invisible, reliable utility. Unfortunately few if any of these goals are easily achieved alone, and educators can become disillusioned with the promises that poor planning and implementation fail to deliver.

When it comes to educational technology, West of East, Incorporated has passed the test...with honors! Nationally recognized by companies like Microsoft and Novell as a technology leader, founder Robert Anthony Pitera has worked in the field of educational technology for over a decade, spending almost half of that time as a Senior Engineer for one of the area's leading educational resellers and five years as the Director of Technology for one of the East Coast's most prestigious K12 private schools. Often called in as a consultant to larger resellers, we have managed projects from a single school building to district wide upgrades for Jersey City and New Brunswick, New Jersey.

We know more than the ABCs of educational technology and we can provide end to end solutions for classroom and administrative needs. With our experience in both K12 and Higher Education, we have a strong awareness of the unique challenges each presents. Our strategic partnerships with large state-approved resellers and other related professionals mean that we can provide leadership for any size project. And our vast experience working "on both sides of the teacher's desk" ensures that all aspects of your project will be considered, including training your educators to fully utilize the technology investments you make.

Advances in the use of Open Source software and the Linux operating system can enable educators to revitalize existing hardware and make use of solutions designed, used and supported by the educational community. Many programs designed for education are available without license costs, others are available at dramatically lower costs than traditional software choices. Compatibility is provided so documents and files can be exchanged without difficulty. This rapidly emerging alternative to high cost, security challenged commercial vendors is a blessing to districts with budget crunch issues and declining federal and state support.

Our clients have given us an A+ for our dedication to this, one of our primary markets. We can give you better tools and a budget you can live with. Invite us to give you a lesson in better use of your technology investments!




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