West of East, Incorporated

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mission statement


West of East, Incorporated seeks to make business techniques and technologies accessible to millions of business/educational users who would otherwise not have the knowledge to use them. Education of the client is a requirement, not a by-product. In every project, West of East seeks not to make itself a liability which must be relied on, but to 'work itself out of a job' by providing a client with the tools and training to maintain the solution on their own. In that way, we provide the client with the freedom from ongoing fees and a reason to call on us for the next step.

West of East provides a rewarding work environment and fair compensation to its employees and sub-contractors, a fair return to its owners, and a fair royalty to its licensors and investors. West of East must also maintain financial balance, charge a fair price for its services, and deliver an even higher value to its clients. We seek to offer the highest level possible of practical experience, know-how, contacts, and confidentiality and in all aspects of it's presence, practice unquestionable business and personal ethics. High contact, high standards and high quality are our watchwords.

West of East, Incorporated is an extension of its founder and his personal beliefs. The experience of a client working with us should be personally and professionally rewarding, positive and above all enjoyable!

A client who feels so strongly about their association with West of East
that they will refer others without question is our ultimate goal.

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