West of East, Incorporated

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client thoughts


"It's helpful to have someone who is in the field teaching...your practical real world knowledge is so valuable.."

"Just wanted to say thanks again for all your help. Once again it was both rewarding and pleasurable to work with someone with your expertise and methodical approach. Looking forward to working with you again..."

"Just wanted to drop a line to thank you for the great job you did creating my web site. In my opinion, (and excuse me if I am a little prejudiced), but it is the nicest web site I have ever seen and WOW, it is mine.  You went way beyond the call of duty investing your time, knowledge, talent and true "love of the business" when creating my site. I have received many e-mails from people all over complimenting the design, layout and accessibility to the different areas of the store. It is obvious that much thought was invested in our project. You really love what you do!"

"West of East is providing valuable high-end consulting for us and is also a critical fill-in for our team when we are stretched too thin. Quick response is important in both these roles."

"Just wanted to drop a note and say "hi". I really enjoyed having you here ...and from the way it sounds, we will be seeing you again."

"Thanks for all of your work. It sounds like everything is proceeding according to plan, and, when it hasn't, you have dealt with it quickly and insightfully. This is working great."

"Excellent Job!  We went over the screens briefly yesterday - I am spending a good portion of today and Monday to go over the programs with each person individually - I will reply to you again by mid next week. We are very pleased with the changes and improvements - You are correct this has exceeded my expectations of the original program..."

"Thanks for your time yesterday. I am very encouraged with the development of our Website and appreciate your expertise in helping enter this new arena..."

"I have just gone through the Website page by page and link by link. I love it !!!!  Overall... spectacular job!"

"Thanks for your usual high level of quality in responding to this preliminary request. Please, keep me posted on follow-up..."

"Thanks Rob, that makes sense. Get this, the instructor is coming up to my office today so I can show him what you taught me!"

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