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Training Services


Training Services

Training Services we offer include:

  • On Site/Off Site
  • Individual or Group
  • "Install to Learn"
  • Computer Based Training
  • In Service programs for educators
New to technology? Are you concerned your organization isn't fully utilizing the software and hardware investments you've made? Contrary to popular belief, no one is born an Information Technology Specialist or a Knowledge Worker, but you can get there with training assistance from West of East, Incorporated.

If you're planning an upgrade or system migration, you've probably carefully considered the costs of acquisition and implementation, but have you considered the costs of training? Without proper training, not only will you lose productivity instead of increasing it, but the affect on end user morale could doom the project's acceptance rates. No project is complete without user training!

Maybe your staff knows the basics, but are the basics enough to get the job done? Are you constantly outsourcing details that could be done effectively in house with a bit of training? Defining training goals and making initial measurements are very important in establishing the ROI from training. You must also establish the cost of the training and make measurements over a period of time to verify its value. But of all the technology investments, training is the single fastest way to fully realize technology ROI. And with West of East, it's now one of the easiest ways as well.

We can design a course to meet your unique goals and expectations, or assist you in setting up in house, on demand training. We also offer "Install to Learn" programs, where we work with your in house IT staff and teach on the job; this program is available for many projects and enhances any installation with training and knowledge transfer. By the end of the project, your IT staff is not only qualified to provide ongoing first tier support, but to duplicate the project in the future if needed.

We can create documentation and procedural steps that make even complex tasks easy, and illustrate underlying concepts and principles. "Canned" packages are already available for Novell ZENWorks, GroupWise Administration and other popular programs, or we can create a training program just for your organization.

We strive to make the learning experience personable, non-threatening, engaging but most of all fun. Because any training that does not include the emotions, mind and body is incomplete; knowledge fades without feeling. Experience has shown us that retention is strong when the learner is involved, so we work with your end users to find out what they want out of a training course, what their goals are and we try to incorporate these needs into any design considerations.

Start working smarter, not harder. Invest in your people...and your organization's future.






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