West of East, Incorporated

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VAR Services - Outsourcing, Support and Pre Sales Support, Contracted Consulting


VAR Services - Outsourcing, Support and Pre Sales Support, Contracted Consulting

VAR Service offerings include:

  • Contracting and Sub Contracting
  • Project Management
  • Pre-Sales Support and Consulting
  • Pre-Bid Support and Consulting
  • Marketing Assistance
  • Custom Designed Training
  • Knowledge Transfer and Documentation
  • Novell Silver Partner
  • Microsoft Registered Partner
  • Veritas Partner
  • Intuit ProConnection Partner
Do you have a need for project based contractors to augment your personnel? It's a basic fact that resellers have to stay competitive, offering services the market demands and they also have to stay lean, to survive market fluctuations and project cycles. Maybe we're the missing piece to your project puzzles. We can provide an array of VAR Consulting Services, in all phases from pre-sales and discovery, to implementation and on going support. Now you don't have to lose a sale because your engineering and technical staff lack experience or skill sets, and you don't have to bear the increased overhead of having such expertise employed full time.

Whether you need to supplement the skills of your existing technical staff, take on a project that's not within your skills library or work in an environment where your firm has little or no experience, West of East's expertise can make the difference between a satisfied client and a lost sales opportunity.

You never have to worry when West of East personnel represent you on site; they're professional, courteous and will look after your interests as well as those of the client. And West of East will never, ever back solicit; we're interested in your business - not your client list!

Among our specialties is the Novell product line, including NetWare, GroupWise, ZENWorks and eDirectory. If you're planning a large Novell product deployment and you're looking for a one source vendor to provide design and implementation assistance, pre-sales support, training or ongoing support, we have the proven experience to get the project done, within scope and on time. And often at a substantially higher profit margin than with your own employees.

Why take on the added expense and liabilities of a full time employee when you can have a project based, on demand work force. Contact us and ask for the references and case studies. Now you'll never have to lose a sales opportunity to a competitor again...unless they chose West of East first!






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